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Division I with Pan Asia Japan Ship Trading Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agree

Shanghai Dexie Engineering Equipment Co.,Ltd has signed the agent contract agreement with Pan Asian Marine Corporation Limited in Shanghai,china on 1st April 2016. Mr. Zhengqing, General manager of Shanghai Dexie Engineering Equipment Co.,Ltd. and Mr. Tomotaka Nishihara, Senior Managing Director of Pan Asian Marine Corporation Limited have signed on the “BOS” ballast water management system agreement on behalf of Shanghai Dexie and Pan Asian respectively.

According to the cooperation agreement, Pan Asian will be the agent of “BOS” ballast water management system in Japanese market. The two companies will jointly expand the comprehensive cooperation on design, installation, market development. Through this BWMS agreement, the Japanese shipowners and shipyards will have better understanding of “BOS” BWMS on all aspects. Shanghai Deixie and Pan Asian are also exploring and looking into the possibility of cooperation on some of other marine projects.

By combining the strengths and giving full play to the advantages of both companies, Shanghai Dexie and Pan Asian have achieved collaborative development and win-win cooperation.

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